Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Photo by Blenus Martin


A few weeks ago I got a call from a director friend of mine, Karl Huber, saying he is producing a music video and he wants me to be in it. Of course I said yes! 

It had been a while since I worked with Karl and it would be the first time working with the rest of the cast, and crew, including singer Jasmine Tridevil.  Plus it was the first music video I would be in so I was extremely nervous, hoping I wouldn’t mess up I brought my friend Blenus for support. Come to find out I indirectly knew a few people from other collaborations. It is a small world! 

Everyone was extremely nice and made me feel very welcome!  I quickly relaxed until shooting began then all my nervousness came back. Thankfully the other actor I was shooting with and I started talking.  He told me about how he ended up being in the video and his experiences shooting the scenes he was in. All the while the cameras were recording us. At one point I didn’t even realize the cameras were recording until someone said something. I really hope I didn’t do anything too embarrassing! Oh well if I did! Before I knew it my part was done.

I learned quite a bit about the making of a music video even with my small contribution.  I watched how a storyboard can come to life right before my eyes! It begins as drawings on a board then figuring out the cast, crew, locations, and equipment and start shooting. I’m over simplifying! The shooting is interesting because of all the reasons why scenes need to be re shot.  It is smart to get multiple shots just in case for these reasons; the angle wasn’t right, the lighting was off, actors messed up, trying something different and so on.  Thank you DIGITAL!

 So keep an eye out for when the video comes out!

I DID IT! And I had a blast!


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